Saturday, August 27, 2016

About last night.........

I went to the auction I mentioned in yesterdays' post. Right off the bat I see baseball cards, and lots of them. Short story shorter, I came home empty handed as did everyone else. I did come to an arrangement with another interested party and the auction house, but around 8:30am this morning I will be bowing out. With the Hank Aaron post I forgot to give current totals  he is now at 110 unique cards.

Now on to the next PC guy: Jim Abbott, total unique cards = 131 (plus a handful more...)

Even though his stats are not impressive with a 87/108 record and 620/888 BB/K it is hard not to respect what Jim Abbott did, never letting someone tell him he couldn't do something. Think about it 10 years in the MLB 9 with the American League and the sunset with the Brewers (BTW he picked up 2 hits there).  He gets my respect and a BINDER!

Pretty sure I have all of the others from this set for the PC, I just didn't feel like sorting them right now.

Next on my current list of PCs guys is Joe Adcock, but I didn't sort or scan any of his this go around (I did get a few but saving those for another year). Next up will be Roberto Alomar.