Sunday, August 14, 2016

Back from an exhausting weekend

This weekend I went down to Tampa for the annual State of Florida "Treasure Hunt" auction. This is where the State auctions off unclaimed property that they have been unsuccessfully able to locate an heir for over 5 years. This year there were 4 auction involving baseball cards. Friday was the preview day, and the auction was on Saturday. I wasn't all that interested in the first 2 auction (#1 and #8), but was interested in the other 2 (#s 260 and 263). They had low reserves so I figured I'd have a chance for at least one of them. HA...... Way out of my league... But hey I did something right? Now my back is killing me and no new cards. Bummer.

More Star Wars promos.

Lookie, a baseball card themed cartoon card.

Sorry about the dupe.

Tomorrow is another day, but the promos there will be Olympic in nature.

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