Saturday, August 6, 2016

Missing the National

It's certainly not the first one for sure as I have never been to a National card show before. One day I'll make it to one and spend the weekend enjoying it. Until then, I have the cards from that buyout.

20 years ago this 24 karat Gold card booked for $400.00. This one is from the first series of Fire Engine cards. You had to get a redemption card and mail it in.  I do have the first 4 series of these cards too. And once I'm done with the humpteen dozen scans I started with I'll be posting those hundreds of non sport sets and odd ball sports sets too.

Another look at that Goudey, I'm not sure it's genuine though. Looks too good.

I had to remove the scan from this spot as it was 9 autographed cards of very naked ladies.

More over size cards sealed up in plastic.

National Packtime set.

Nice how that Brave made centerstage.

Another cool looking set. Not complete though. Missing 3 cards Lefty Gomez, Ty Cobb, and Roberto Clemente. Produced by the Dean Estate titled "The Homers Classics Collection".

There's the backside of that Goudey card. That's the complet Long John Silvers set, and 1985 Donruss sealed Action Allstars. The Mantle set was open so let us look at them tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!