Monday, August 8, 2016

1976 Wonder Bread Football

Before I throw up some scans I wanted to shout a Thank you out to OCTer Bob D'Angelo for the large flat rate box of goodies he sent me last week. No, I didn't scan them but I will tell you what was inside. The box was filled with 2015 &16 Heritage (mostly high numbers), 2015 & 16 Topps series 2, 2015 A & G, 2015 Topps Chrome Football a box opened of course, 2015 and 16 Soccer. I needed dang near every single baseball card too. Thanks Bob.(not the same Bob as my vendor buddy).

Now on to some Football cards.  A little different from normal, but just wait.

1976 Wonder Bread complete set.

Nothing like a vintage complete set, albeit 24 cards in NM condition.

To close out a new Elway for me.

Not a card, but didn't have it so I win.


  1. That Wonder bread set brings back some fond memories.. I remember my mother picking up a few loaves so I could grab the cards. Gave a handful somewhere

  2. Great set. Wish Wonder Bread still inserted cards into their loaves.