Thursday, August 18, 2016

1964 Topps Giants part 2

Just jumping right into these vintage goodies.

A couple of binder PC guys there.

A couple more PC guys.

Okay so far I've shown 24 of the 60 card set, but I only have 53 of them.  Reader and awesome fellow trader/Super Trader Mark Hoyle had already figured out that SPs would be missing and go figure there are 7 SPs in this set. Now, who are they?  Well, you can always wait and see who is NOT here. I should finish this set up this weekend.


  1. Off the top of my head I believe koufax and Mays are also SP's.

    1. The SPs are #3 Koufax, 28 Friend, 42 Stuart, 45 Causey, 47 Cisco, 51 Mays, and 60 Skowron. So you are right, and your memory is Good......

  2. Love... love... love this set. Grabbed one at a card show a few months ago. Normally when I spend that much money, I have regrets. But not this time.