Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Box from Bob

Friday before I headed out to that auction I had mentioned (more on that in a minute) the mail ran and inside my mailbox was a 600 count box of cards from Bob d'Angelo an OCT trading bud and author of this blog..   Bob's Blog.     I will highlight some of those today. What's even more special is that the very next day Saturday another 600 count box from Bob was in my mailbox. That box will have to broken down into a few posts.

In the first box, was a COMPLETE set of 2016 Topps Opening Day, 3/4 Complete set of 2016 Topps Archives both with a lot of inserts. And to fill the box Bob finished it off with cards 1-50 of 2006 Ultra a set I'm building and had hardly any. The Braves team was in the first 50 too and I needed 2 of them for the team set, so I pulled them out.

Still looks good as an OD. This one and the few that follow were Doubles in the box. I am keeping the Bautista though.

No need to show anymore of the base cards, lets look at the inserts he sent.

The parallels. All available for trade.

Bon included the Braves Mascot too, but I needed it too. I'm keeping the Dinger but the rest are already sitting in a stack that is ready to package up for Wes over at JBF.

A bubble trouble for me and a few for the PCs. The rest are available.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

Now onto the Archives inserts.

A few more for the PCs. The rest are available.

Irod goes into the PC.  Cool Brett and Bob like Bob and his dad. Those are the only inserts from the Ultra Bob sent. Awesome box. But wait and see box 2.

Now, back to that auction on Friday. Like I said in my post yesterday morning I backed out, but the guy I was going to split the collection with went ahead and bought them. He just picked them up a few minutes ago, and I will be heading over to his house at 2pm to HOPEFLLY get the cards I wanted to begin with.

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