Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Special Treat 1964 Topps Giants

Back to a little baseball. How about a dang near complete set of 1964 Topps Giants. You'll have to guess as we go along who the 7 missing are, but don't be surprised by who is here. I will say that there are 2 creased and I most certainly can live with that for the time being maybe forever. Many have some ugly staining on the back and all have coloring issues on back, and I absolutely can live with that.

I figure the backs are worth the read.

Ron Santo is one of the Birthday boys,

The discoloration isn't that bad on most of these cards.

The inlet photos on the back would make for awesome card fronts. Hey Topps you could have used these shots for your Archives sets....Or hey maybe just do something different all together. Try to surprise us collector's. I think we'll end here for today calling it part 1.

See ya Thursday for part 2.


  1. Dick Stuart and Galen Cisco are two tough ones both are SP's

  2. Hey, that Leon Wagner photo was the same photo they used on his '65 Topps card.