Friday, August 26, 2016

Trade Post

Not really a trade post more of a RAOK (random act of kindness) from AJ The Lost Collector. AJ sent me some Braves in return for a package I sent him for winning a contest of mine. Guess I'll be working on another package for him.

2016 Insert I needed.

The entire "team set" of Braves from the newly released Topps Bunt. Yeah  very very happy with these.

2 more needed 2015 Topps for the team sets.


Didn't even know I needed this one.

A mini need.

A relic need. Although I have quite a few Braves relics, if you looked at percentages......maybe in the 2% range at best. So it isn't difficult to hit those needs.



Preview card I needed. Thanks so much for the cards AJ (and Joey).

Have a great weekend, I hope to as I am heading to a local auction to see if I can find some cards on the cheap.  LOL.

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