Monday, August 22, 2016

Gettin to some good ones

Nearing the end of the fabulous 1964 Topps Giants near set. Reminding you that I have all but 7 of the 60 card set. Coincidentally there are 7 SPs.

Not that any of the others were not worthy, just that a few of these are more notable players.

Like Clemente, who doesn't like the ole Pirate.

Whoa Nellie. There's a double dip or turning two for you mini collectors'.

This guy has a card in my Names Binder.

As does ALKALINE.  Tip from reader Mark Hoyle way back when.

A little icon on the front for the no hitter would've been awesome (perfect).

Baada bing bang BOOM!

That's it for today, will wrap this up tomorrow.

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