Sunday, December 1, 2013

The December "contest"

Yesterday I hinted about running a contest for this month. So here is the scoop!

With the recent rash of "new to me"  blogger traders, I feel like I need to do something special for blessing me with so many as I see gifts in our never ending quest for cardboard. So I've thought on what would be the prize, and I came up with not 1 but 5 items that I'd like to award people. Then, I obviously had to re-think the how or who would win them. I am going to make it as simple as can be.

#1 The TOP Prize will be for the trader who sends the most Braves or Elway hits. Simply put for each card that comes in in December 2013 that I can take off of my need list gets 1 point per hit, the collector with the most points come 1/1/14 gets..... (Drum Roll)

TWO complete intact 1977 "Pepsi Gloves"  unpunched disc complete with tab. Mike Hargrove Texas Rangers and Butch Wynegar Minnesota Twins

#2 The next prize will be based on the hardest/toughest/rarest hit Brave or Elway card I get in December.

1983 Oversized (postcard size) Donruss card #23 Nolan Ryan

# 3 This one will be based on the card that I like the best or believe is the coolest. Simple enough

and the winner gets..... (from the same oversized 1983 Donruss set) cards #24 Steve Carlton & #1 Eddie Murray.

I know that there are those traders especially in the vintage groups, to which I am a member would love for me to trade them the "gloves" as they are mainly set builders, but these and the 83 D cards are not for them, not today not this time. These prizes are the blogasphere period. 

Send me them cards! Lets swap some board! 

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