Sunday, December 29, 2013

I see two stacks

Those two stacks are about 6 inches high each. At first I was going to battle inserts vs. game used, but I decided against that. Many of the inserts you'll see here are Mark McGwire and Mike Piazza, and we all know who would win those. But let me say this, barring the individual I could judge the card itself, and that might be fair. Either way, as usual if they are not Braves cards they are trade bait.

Lets start with the first two you see on top. Newhouser serial #24/25 not bad great looking insert, lets look at them a little closer.

That Hidalgo is very nice also, bat and jersey, but the Newhouser would win if I were rating them.

I like the Trading places inserts with the relic in the middle. Hey that's a Padres card. Back in the day I collected all of the Diamond Kings, this one isn't special by (#d 10K) any means unless you like grips or you are an Indians fan.

I definitely like the Gonzo D-Back card, and the flip side of the Piazza is Irod

Another Padres (Kotsay) serial #23/200, paired up with a Hofer, and serial #d 71/82

Tejada's bat card is erial #d 17/50 while the Yaz is serial # 1/100, yep #1.

Lets see a Dodger or Mac, duh. Green all the way heehee, actually not a great design on the statitude card, the jersey card is kind of bland, but it's a mini..

The Mussina jersey card is #d 135/250 and the BLUE Halliday #d 37/50, but it has a scratch near the bottom.

The Olerud looks like it might give you a headache if you stare at it too long, and the Piazza is coll. That mask appears HUGE.

Brandon Webb's (D-Back) pant card with the pinstripe is alright, but I do like the textbook, its just completely different from most inserts.

The Zito would have been much better with a 2 color patch for sure

The double jersey here of Burnitz and Alfonzo is a great card especially if you're a Mets fan (wait til later), Piazza soso card.  Another Padres.... and Mac.

I didn't like the Dunn patch when I got it, it is HUGE and supposedly was limited to just 75 but no indication on the card itself, the logo patch takes too much away from the ball card! On the other hand the Generations of Excellence card is sweet, let's say we replace those 2 guys with Maris and Clemente. yeah that'll work.

The Johnson jersey card is #d 88/100 and what can I say Piazza as a Dodger. Now the two cards below are something awesome. Those are actual bases from the Subway series NY vs NY World Series.

And the very sweet Willie Mays is #d 10/25. Both of these cards are great!

This next group will be the last for tonight (or morning) ( we made it through 3/4 of them)

The top card on both rows looks best to me. Angels, Cubs, Dodgers, and a Ripken, LOL

I will wrap these up a little later. Thanks for looking and if interested in any of these LMK.


  1. Hey John, could you put that Sutton card (/82) aside for me if possible?

    1. Nick, you know the reference on the back of that Sutton card is a game which he beat the Cubs, right?

  2. I actually did not know that. I could still use it nevertheless. (Haha.)