Saturday, December 28, 2013

And the Winner of the 51 bowman is....

Blaster 3 had 2 votes, the first was by Ethan who caught the upside down Arod mini. The second was by Nick who liked the Beatles insert. Blaster 2 had one vote by the lost collector who felt that box had the better variety and hit on the Mantle, the Tulo inserts, as well as the pure heat, and a better bang my for my buck (they were gifts, lol), and Blaster 1 had 1 vote as well by lonestarr, who said there were more keepers in it for them.

Me personally I would have chosen Blaster 1, but I am nuts so I asked you folks to rate them for me. The key to winning the sadly conditioned 1951 Bowman card was the Why you chose that box. Although the upside down Arod is an awesome reason, but 1 card doesn't make the cut. Same goes for the Beatles answer, an awesome card and definitely a worthy pull though. Leaves us with #1 or 2. Yes, I would have chosen #1 myself but for different reasons. At the beginning of the first Blaster post, I stated what I look for when opening a pack, box or whatever. Braves, then inserts,then superstars, and finally cards for other traders. The Lost Collector, geared his answer more towards what I was looking for even though I thought that answer more accurately described box 1. He still wins the "I wish was in good shape Bowman".

Thank you all, lets play again soon.


  1. One of these days I'm gonna enter a contest where I'm the only contestant and still find a way to lose! Congrats to The Lost Collector. And thanks for the contest, John.

    1. Ethan, that was a very tough call, you came so close to winning it. If you had mentioned just 1 more card, you would have won it.