Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The mail lady was really good today

I'll be short and just summarize as I need to get to sleep.

First let me say thanks to following bloggers: Kyle, TJ, Bo, Yeo, and thanks to Tim at OCT, and to Mitch at sportlots, and thanks to a couple of Ebayers, and Beckett traders. Today was a good day for sure.

I opened Kyles first and got a sweet run of Pacific cards and a few oddball too, 19 hits out of 19 hits.

Then, Yeo 2 PWEs packed with Fleer plus a few Donruss 22 hits out 23

Next up was Bo, holy mackarel. Bo killed a few Topps Braves team sets. 159 hits in total out of 160

Last I opened up TJ box (over at junior junkie), I haven't even put the cards into my system yet, but he scattered Braves all over the place. It may take a day or two to sort. He sent almost as many cards as Bo,  of which 10 are definitely in the running for my favorite. I spent this evening browsing those cards. Wow, I am impressed with everything I got from everyone.

Only one set got duplicated and that was by a trader in my vintage trade group (OCT) who sent a surprise mailing of 3 complete team sets hit 92 tsc, 82 fleer and donruss. (he's not part of the contest so no harm there. LOL.

I will have to update my Braves wants soon, but keep em coming ( I added another binder that now makes 11 Braves binders in the works) A Frankenset of strictly Braves doubles, only once placed will not be removed.

Thanks again to all. Lets keep it going.

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