Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The December breakdown

Okay folks,

I've finally worked my way through that box of wonderful goodies from TJ (the junior junkie). It pulled in 137 hits out of 143. Well done, many of the cards are sitting with the December favorites. There were some doubles too, but most hit my frankenset perfectly.

I did not expect to have 10 cards in all for the running of my favorite card, let alone the 16 I have so far, this is going to be a tough one come Dec. 31st.

Points a third of the way in are as follows:

Leading the way is Bo (baseball cards come to life) with 159 points.

TJ (the junior junkie) 137 points
(has cards in the running for fav)

Nick (dime boxes) 105 points
(has cards in the running for fav)

Jeff (one mans junk) 22 points
(has card in the running for fav)

Kyle Dworchak (nolans dugout) 19 points

Marcus (all the way to the back stop) 15 points
(has card in the running for fav)

I want to say THANKS again for the help with the Braves. Now I only need a gazillion more. LOL!

If you haven't traded with the bloggers above, you should do so. As well as Jeff (2 x3 heroes), and Dan (its like having my own card shop). All great traders and many have excellent blogs to follow too!

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