Saturday, December 7, 2013

How cool would it be if

With the Hall of Fame announcement just 4 weeks away, I thought it fitting to give a shout out for my Braves nominees.

Yeah yeah, Maddux should be a 1st ballot shoe in, as should Glavine although the writers seem to be a bit iffy there on first ballot for him. I'd really like to comment about another Brave on the ballot again. The Crime dog, this will be the 5th year for Fred McGriff in the voting, and keeps coming up way short. He is Hall Worthy, so I am hoping that the Padres fans out there as well as the D-rays and Cubs, and the folks way north will do all that they can for the guy. Let the writers know how the FANS feel, he has yet to get 24% of the vote and dropped last year a tiny bit and he needs 75% to get elected. Wouldn't it be cool if all 3 were voted in for 2014? Only once before has 2 team-mates been elected in the same year, so this could be a first for baseball! Coast to Coast everybody liked and likes Fred McGriff.

McGriff was loved and respected by the fans of all six teams that he played for, both leagues ten years each. Sure he was short 7 homers of hitting the infamous landmark 500, but look at everything else he did, and does (speaking of his off field works). Ten years of 30+ dingers, please..... Over 1500 RBIs. The  man averaged better than 1 hit per game. He played in 2460 games and and had 2490 hits. The Braves would not have won their only World Series if not for McGriff contributions, hell they wouldn't have made most of those post-seasons either, and let's face it the Braves were Americas team in the mid 90s *I had to throw that in there, hehe), and yes Maddux and Glavine was there with their amazing pitching, I know. But they will get in, McGriff needs our help.
1.5 years before he retired he pounded out 30 home runs for the Cubbies at age 38, with 103 RBIs that year. He is Hall Worthy!! Lets help get him in.

HMMM, What if Smoltz had retired just 1 year earlier, LOL.  Now that would be something....4.

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  1. McGriff is the man. There are a bunch of guys on the ballot who are deserving - if I had a vote, I'd choose the maximum (10), and there would still be guys who got snubbed.