Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lets talk about an OCD nightmare

The title says it all, but more on that in a minute. First I'd like to send some much deserved thanks out to some "trading bloggers"

Recently, I contacted a few bloggers about allowing me to send them some cards of "their team" or "want lists". A few replied back and out went some stuffed PWEs. I got the first return package in this week and man o man was it a doozie. All Atlanta Braves inserts or parallels, wow! I was only expecting some base cards back, I'm not too picky on the return as I am wanting every Braves card sticker, whatever ever made. Yes, I do try to keep track of what I have and need (reference: the title of this post) for the most part as this post will lead too eventually. The blogger who sent the Amazing Braves was Daniel Wilson of the blog "it's like having my own card shop". I can't thank him enough. I hope that he enjoys the 2nd PWE that left out this week with his D-Backs, and I went ahead and made up a couple more to send out in December too.

I'd also like to thank bloggers Jedi Jeff from 2x3 heroes and founder of the PWE club of which I am a proud member! Likewise, I'd like to thank Nick from Dimebox. These two guys have helped me come along, pushing and recommending my blog. Granted I have a long way to go when it comes to this blog. But, I definately appreciate teh kudos those 2 send out.

I still anxiously await Jedi Jeff and his computer skills to magically make scans show up as I would like them to, so that I may post some awesome cards that I truly would love to write about. And to figure out how to link my trading site. I had better wake up now, and get to the point of this post. Some card scans would be GREAT right HERE.

I should probably restate the title of this post to NIGHTMARES!
As mentioned earlier, I have been trading for Braves cardboard, besides the John Elway "SUPER COLLECTION" which is my main priority, #3 T206 cards, and #4 Wacky Packages.

I was only able to add 17 unique cards to the Elway collection this month, even though I tried to FOCUS on it. I wound up increasing the number of BRAVES binders instead.  A short list of the binders here: LOL.

#1 First year card in Atlanta uniform
I still need 68 cards total, 34 of which I have no card at all and the other 34 I at least have a second year card. Organized by year.

#2 Same as above but Organized alphabetically.
Still need 210 for this "2nd Set" obviously I need the above 68 x2, leaving only an additional 142 cards.

#3 Every Topps flagship Braves card.
Organized by year, and list is current, sort of.

#4 Every Donruss Brand card.
Organized by year.

#5 Every Fleer Brand card

#6 Every Score Brand card

#7 Every Pacific Brand card

#8 Every Upper Deck Brqnd card

#9 Every Bowman Brand card

and lastly

#10 Every inserts/parallel and oddball

Now you can see where the OCD nightmareS are coming from. I am wondering why I did this (head held down). Anyways.........
recently I have been reading other blogs and noticed several of us deal with this issue, especially when it comes to our cardboard.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Doesn't matter, I wouldn't have it any other way, LOL.  I think I will say that again LOL!

To close out I will share the trade numbers for the month of November.
Total trades = 40
17 Elways, 2 covers, an oddball. A boat load of Braves!

(hint) I believe I may run some kind of contest (hint) for December trades with some "sic" prizes for the top 3 trades.


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  1. Glad you liked the Braves cards I sent! Thanks again for all the D-Backs. I got another envelope today!