Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two stacks part 2

Okay Let's wrap these 2 stacks up.

That Wade Miller great last name, is #d  7/117 and the Wheeler is #d 5/50. I like the Erstad of the six the best though.  Below we have 3 Polo cards.

Teixeira is #d 13/25, Prior #d 24/35, and the Pedro is #d 7/45. I really like the backsides of these cards I should of scanned one of those, but didn't think about it until now, sorry.

Can't go wrong with the Ripken Hot Commodities card.
The last 2 above are great cards, Ted Williams #d 22/50 and the Piazza Royal Court is just awesome.

Below,  We have Jr (Mac on the on the front (flip view next group of these two), and  the Piazza Refractor has Tim Salmon on the front side.

The Bowman's Best Fusion of Piazza has Ben Petrick on the reverse.
The top 2 below are the reverse shots of the the ones above.

The Fall Classic die cut is pretty cool, as is the Dream Team holo.

Below are some nice Mac and Piazzas. The Wonder Years double fits Nicks, Anthemic mini, LOL and those Boyz with the Wood cards were just nice.

Both of the HoloGrfx cards have different appeals, with holding upright the Launchers looks best, but laying flat the Starview does, weird.

That wraps it up, I still have 4 cards here in the stack but I can't locate the scan.
Next post will be a stack of cards getting ready to go bye bye in a trade.

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