Friday, December 6, 2013


I only got one package in today's mail, but it was a doozie. The package came from Nick over at "dime boxes". Talk about some return fire. Let's just say Nick is the current points leader for my contest.

Nick sends a huge stack of Braves cards, 119 of which he scored 105 points on. THANK YOU!!!!
INSIDE THE PACKAGE:::: There were 16 hits for binders 1 & 2, that was sweet, and 4 more for binder 3.
Nick even sent some of what could be binder hits of his own like pitchers at the plate or on the base paths and plays at the plate. He even put some plays at or rather on the wall. He threw in some of knucksie (Phil Niekro) too!

Forty one (41) of the cards in the package were either oddballs, inserts, or parallels (2 of which are in the running for my December favorite a Topps Orange parallel and an Emerald). Packed full of minis also. Nick had another card in the running for the favorite card too. A nice Upper Deck card of Turner Field,  with a statue of Hammerin Hank front and center of the card, really nice.

I definitely loved getting those oddball and minis, 3 of which were 1975 original minis. It took 3 hours to look at them and log them into my systems, and then another hour to put them into their rightful homes.

I literally need thousands and thousands of Braves and Elways each. So, hopefully I get to do this again tomorrow with another package that I am expecting in.

Thanks again Nick!


  1. Happy to hear that everything arrived safely! Glad I could dig up a whole bunch of Braves for you. Had a feeling you'd like the minis.

    Looking forward to sending you more Braves in the future! I already have another stack going.

    1. I did indeed. Those 75s were the first vintage minis in my collection. Congrats and thank you for all those binder hits.