Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Last of the last

I'll close the posts from my last visit (which will be the last). Yep, Not going back, at least not for sometime. Just don't have that feeling anymore. I'll have to find a new watering hole somehwere. Meanwhile my last purchase was from my favorite dealer there. It was also the biggest buy of the day. Remember, the nickel cards, .25 cards, and 12 for 10 stuff.

As per my usual, I grabbed up some  vintage non sports. Rat Patrol, and I hadn't noticed the dupe until now.

1966 Batman, yeah!  Does everyone see the future there....  Come on...REFRACTOR. LOL.

This must of come in a game back in 1977.

here is the other side.

These are the only Braves (other than the nickel ones) I picked up. Sure I had a couple of these already, but that's okay for future PC.

A few Bryants.

Lots of Trout.


I got a bunch of Trout that day.

A 12 pack of Ohtani, which I know I had a couple of these.

Closing out the show with a handful more Judge.

Have a great night.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

These cards are for the birds!

The last item I picked up from the 12 for $10.00 table was a slew of uncut/perforated Baltimore Orioles. The sheets were 12 card (standard size) a piece and appears to have them all except for 3 cards (from one of the panels). I folded them in half for better scanning but they are still intact as 12 card panels.

1st panel.

2nd panel.

This is th epanel that was missing the 3 cards on the left.

3rd panel.

4th panel.

5th panel.

6th panel.

7th panel.

8th panel.

9th panel.

10th panel.

11th panel.

BTW.....the scans are not in order.  Now I think CommishBob is a bird fan, and if so if you need these I'll send them your way. if you don't need them, there are several PC guys in there I can pull out and throw the rest in the trade boxes.

Be safe this weekend and have a great night.

Friday, October 12, 2018

More Comics

Picking up where I left off yesterday with some comic books. These comic books were 12 for $10.00 or .83 cents each.

Yes, the trading cards are still attached inside.

The back on Cobb was the same as one posted yesterday.

Another Griffey.

Last comic (baseball) was Jackie.

I picked up two other items for my 12. One was a deck of cards for my cousin Charlie and the other was something for Orioles fans.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

It's good to be here.

With Michael (hurricane) done and gone, it is good to be here. Lost power on Wednesday and got it back today. We had no other damage at my uncle's house. That is a blessing, but man o man did that storm tear up the coast. My heart and prayers go out for those who suffered. Many lost everything, completely demolishing Mexico Beach, FL, and Panama City (the east side) tore up pretty bad. Michael should be in the Atlantic by now and I hope he stays out there and doesn't decide to come back.

Now, i forgot to mention one more purchase I made at last Saturday's card show.  One dealer had a table full of 12 for $10.00 items. I grabbed 12 items.

The boxed set.

Checklist on the back.

Yes, it was complete with the Michael Jordan card. One thing I didn't understand is why they called the Jordan Bonus Card #2 when there was no BC 1 in the set. I plan on breaking this set up for my PC's, and I'll probably scan the set for the blog. (Eventually).

I remember this unauthorized comics back in the day selling for $5.00 each, so I had to grab all of the baseball.

Here's the back cover.

I promise this post wasn't planned starting with a Michael and I figure this is a good Michael to end this post with. I'll finish the 12 for $10 stuff in a day or two or both.