Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wrapping the last of the last card show cards

 This is the last one of the 3 for $1.00 cards. I have something a little different for tomorrow. Something that is let's say humorous. It will still be baseball related though. I think it will be nice to close out the week with some FUN.

More various Donruss parallels including both variations of Kershaw in the Orange.

Also the variation Trout in pink, and the Bichette Independence variation.

A handful of parallel inserts too.

The 1st Tatis there is the green parallel. It doesn't show well today. Mantle & Ruth are Hobby versions.

The inserts.

Some now long forgotten Stadium Club.

Finishing this up with DK parallels.

Now to trigger your memory (hopefully). Below are the Braves from the two boxes plus the 3 for $1.00 that I actually needed.

That's it just 15 new to me Braves from all that I scanned before.


  1. As much as I throw shade at Panini and their baseball cards, I've gotta admit the Bomb Squad insert is nice.

    1. I was going to call those out in particular too. They are pretty cool looking from the pics. Never seen one in person.

    2. Make that three for camp Bomb Squad!

  2. Panini inserts are more fun than people want to give them credit for.

    I opened up the fourth photo to get a closer look at the cards, but went away from the computer for a bit. When I came back, it was on the exact middle of the photo and I forgot why I had opened it, and was wondering how there came to be a card matching up Gil Hodges and Roger Clemens.

    1. Lol, that Hodges card is paired with Roy Campanella.