Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My goodness......Topps learned something. Also Round Three.

Before we get to the real post I must give Topps some credit, well a little any way. I put my 2022 Flagship in a binder today, and realized something odd once I was placing the series 2 cards in. I be damned if Topps didn't get the backs all the same this time. They screwed the goose with series 1....again, but they got it right with series 2. Thank YOU.

The next round of scans from the 3 for a buck boxes is here. Night Owl no looking at the series 2 inserts :) dang too late. 

These 10 were great grabs at .33 each. Especially the Ted Williams and Nolan Ryan cards. Heck can't complain about Reggie either or any of the others for that matter.

Snagged some more big names here too.

Red parallels including the variation Tatis!

Closing out tonight with the Blue parallels with a variation as well.


  1. Is Topps ever going to stop with the '87 borders?

  2. How did it take Topps two years to fix that problem with the backs? To me, it is the ultimate example of their laziness.

    I like the '87 borders best when the photo looks like it could have come from the '87 set, like the Rivera photo above.

  3. Glad they recognized and fixed the issue. Better late than never.

  4. Great news and great cards too!