Thursday, July 7, 2022

Eh, maybe not so good

 Okay, I mentioned in yesterday's post that my 2nd stop would be spread over several posts. Why? Because I bought 2 monster boxes of cards. These were dime boxes and I paid $50.00 each. I didn't feel like picking through them at the show. They had about 2500 cards in each box and they were mixed baseball, football, and basketball. I only collect baseball. So I knew right off the bat that I was going to lose out on the rest. In the end there were about 2500 baseball cards. The rest (FB and BKB) I gave to a 12 year old boy who plays both sports. So that alone was worth the $50.00 lost on those cards, and yes they were loaded with stars past & present. 

That is what one box looked like. That kid should have hours and hours of fun. 

I only scanned the baseball keepers from the first box. Both boxes were basically the same so why bother. There is still a ton of scans so let's get to them.

Okay so I pulled 27 Braves from box 1. Most I did not need. At the end of this run of posts I will show you the ones I needed (Braves).

Obviously the Hoskins is a refractor/prizm, love the way the refractors/prizms are scanning.

A lot of PC guys that I probably already have or rather most of them anyway. I'll stop here for the night/week. I'll put out the rest of the box 1 cards next week.

Have a safe weekend.


  1. Very cool of you to pass along the football and basketball to a kid. He must have felt like he won the lottery.

  2. Glad that at least some 12 year olds are still into sports cards.

  3. Sellers at these shows must really love you.