Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Bottom of the box.

 Well, not exactly bottom of the box but you get my drift. This is the last post of the one box I scanned from the show. The keepers anyways. All in all I wound up with about 2,500 cards of players I collect (from both boxes). Basically they were the same as far as contents. Tonight you get the last few scans of the deal.

There were a lot of Mosaic cards.

Even more Topps Chrome. I didn't mind the pink parallels so much.

A bunch of Prizm too.

 So many 21' Chrome cards. I took the privilege of not scanning most of them. Now, I did make another deal with this seller. Not for his "dime" boxes but cards from his dollar boxes. He had three and I dug through them all. Again they were split between baseball, football, and basketball. Pretty much even as far as numbers go. Now with the 2 dime boxes out of the way, I know I did not get my $100.00 (50 each box) worth for my collections. Definitely, made that twelve year old a very happy boy, and hopefully a good memory to last through his collecting. That in itself was worth it. However, you'll see in the coming posts on the 2nd half of the purchase/deal.

Have a great night.


  1. Can't believe all those chrome cards were in a dime box!