Saturday, January 1, 2022

Brand New Year It's 2022!

 Here's to hoping that 2022 is better than last. Today's post will be covering last years hobby goals as well as this years.

2021 goals:

1) Take all of the completed sets (close to 50) in binders along with the two monster boxes of PC guys that I've listed and needed and the dozen or so mini boxes of misc. cards back home to Ocala.

This should have been an easy A+, but no. It was a complete failure. Totally blew it, but with good reason. I didn't make many trips back home last year, usually it was a "have to go" trip down and back in the same day. Time was limited, may not have had someone here to care for my Uncle, as well as no where left in my bedroom to drop another 50 binders. It is bad enough that my daughter uses my bathroom, but also allows my grandson in my room... 2 year old and cards..... not good.  Still yet F.

2) Finish/complete sets that are really close to being done. 

Again should have been an easy A. I did complete some sets including the most recent 1974 Topps set which I am proud of. Still not enough do give myself an A. I give me a C.

3) Add at least 1 T206 card.

This has been a go to goal each year for a while now. I did add one Brave that just came in 2 days ago. I won't be using this one for a goal this year because I also bought another card 2 days ago and it isn't here yet but will be a few days so it can't really claim that for a legitimate goal. A+

Combined with the Braves I just bought I am now down to just two more Braves. Ferguson and Bowerman.

4) Start working to organize the 5 Franken-Sets that I have been collecting for many years. 

I was hoping to get them properly listed in excel work sheets and then into binders. Complete failure for the same reasons or excuses as goal 1. F.

5) Stay away from current retail blasters other than the Holiday Mega boxes.

I did buy some this past year, but not too many just something so I could rip. I also bought my first ever current Hobby boxes (from Topps.... Update) B.

There you have it One A, one B, one C, and two F's. I am disappointed in myself. Although 2021 sucked overall (for many reasons) I am not one to pass the buck. I'll have to do better in 2022.

2022 Goals:

1) Add at least 3 T206 cards. Hey, I upped the count. 

2) Get those binders and boxes to Ocala. let's see if I can make this the A+ it should have been.

3) Might as well attempt the Franken-Sets again. I hope to at least get them somewhat organized so that I can list them in excel and binder them too at some point. This does mean digging out the boxes and binders back home and bring them here to Valdosta.

4) Stay away from current retail blasters other than the Holiday Mega boxes, if they are released. 

5) Clear away the "stacks" of cards I have sitting all over the place here. I need to put the ones for set builds in those binders. I need to not stack up cards for other people. Meaning.... get a few cards and mail them right away. This is going to take a serious commitment both to clear them away and NOT make any more stacks. Seriously, I have over 100 stacks laying around.


6) Hit enough posts this year to make the BIG 2,500th post. I am like 209 away, and that seems to be about my average, so who knows could be a nice ending to what I hope is a great year.

Okay, there you have it. I hope everyone's first day of the year is/was a a great one.


  1. Looking forward to the mystery frank-sets, hoping I'll be able to help out . . .

  2. Good luck with them goals...Happy New Year!

  3. I feel like you just taking care of your uncle deserves an A+. Everything else is just kind of meh.

  4. Don't think I knew you were a grandpa (or maybe I did... and just forgot). Very cool. Maybe he'll become a collector. Best of luck on your 2022 goals! I'm approaching the big 2,500 too (166 away). But if I were a betting man, I'd say you'll reach it way before I do. Happy New Year!