Friday, January 7, 2022


 I have been waiting a long time to get these cards. Since Topps started the "Team" sets, I try to pick up 2 sets each year. 1 to keep sealed in it's hanger package and the other to open for the team/PC sets. For the longest time, I could not find, let alone buy ANY for the 2006, 2010, 2011, and 2012 team sets. Yes, I know the cards are for the most part the same as the Flagship cards. But they are different in the numbering on the back, so they are different and for my Braves team sets I need them, want them, and must have them. With that said I have obtained 2 of the years in opened form. Almost 2 that is.

You've seen the cards before, so  only showing you these two from the 2010 set. They are both numbered ATL16. The Heyward is a variation (better seen on the back).

As you can see the non coated Heyward back compared the Lowe. Heyward also has the same Topps code as the Flagship whereas the rest do not. Now, the let down is that I still need card #1 (ATL1). 

Here we (I) have the complete team set from 2012. Finally, Now just get the 2010 card 1, the complete 2006, and 2011. If you got them send them to me please.

Have a great weekend.

R.I.P. Sydney Poitier


  1. If I buy one of these team sets, I'll usually buy two as well for the same reason you mentioned. The whole factory team set variation thing was new to me though. But not surprising.

    1. as far as the Braves go, the heyward is the only one I am aware of.

  2. This was a really nice design, and one that looks even better when compared with the last couple of years worth of Topps' offerings.