Thursday, January 13, 2022

Did you buy any 2021 Archives this year?

 So you bought some 2021 Archives blasters did ya?

Now I do already have the Braves base cards sitting in my Sport Lots box, but....

Well this post is all one "auction win" from Sport Lots.

Yes, there were dupes. But do we really mind? No, I don't for sure.


Lots of rookies.

More rookies. How much did a blaster of Archives cost last year?

Very recognizable names.

And they keep coming.

This was a big lot of Archives cards.

To think that I am only showing you the keepers.

Shiny foil cards. What sucks about these is that Topps made them the same size as the original 89' set. Sucks.

Okay, okay. I hear ya. You want to know what this lot cost me. First let me say that there were 179 cards, 138 different. I only showed the keepers.

$5.50. The shipping was $12.00.  Yeah 179 cards for $17.50. How many cards come in a blaster? If you haven't tried the Sport Lots auctions, you should. JUST read the rules first.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Good haul.

    The Pirates' We Are Family, Winfield as a Padre, and Schmidt without the 'stache stand out to me.

  2. I didn't buy any, but have gotten some from TCDB trades. Never saw any out in the wild, even at a LCS.

  3. I picked up a two blasters on Walmart's website back in November for $19.95 each. Figured I'd open them up on a rainy day. I know buying lots and even a completed set makes more sense financially, but I was just so excited to see blasters online :D