Monday, January 31, 2022

Chronicles: Chronicles and then some

 Picking up where I left on on Friday with the Chronicles.

Clear Vision. 

Clearly Donruss and these are tough finds. I think they only come in the Hobby boxes.

A better size to look at although my cropping is horrible. I think it is, not sure now.

An update on my uncle: he had a bad day today. Hopefully, tomorrow he gets back on track and this setback doesn't hurt his recovery.


  1. Clear Visions are usually pretty cool. I wish I could have found some of these in the wild.

    Best wishes to your uncle!

  2. Best to your uncle. Those Clear Vision cards are nice.

  3. Is this still from the hospital stay/poor treatment?

    1. Yes, they literally were so close to killing him. I've gotten the swelling down a lot, but without proper eating his protein is nil, thus he will continue to deteriorate. It helps when 50% of your family works in healthcare (really pisses the hospital staff off). Oh yeah, I know what works and doesn't with my uncle better than anyone. I got mad with him today, I feel bad about that. Got to get him better faster.

  4. I'm a big fan of acetate cards. Don't think I have any Clear Vision baseball cards, but I did find a Tom Brady single in my box.