Thursday, January 6, 2022

The bird flies in.

 I've had a package to send to night owl for awhile. It's just laying there addressed and everything. Low and behold Greg beat me to the punch. I got a mailer from him the other day.

Greg dropped these 1970 Laughlin's on me for my set build. Always appreciated.

He also dropped a bunch of 06/07 Topps Mickey Mantle Home Run History cards on me. There is just so many that I scanned one each of the different Mantle photos. Greg hit me with 33 new ones to the collection and 4 dupes. He also sent me a Braves need and team set killer for the 2006 UD team set and two set build needs for UD as well.

Thank Greg, one of these days I need to go the PO. Heck I still got those other Dodger misc. things to get out to you also. (In my defense I've had a HUGE project going on here with my Uncle's yard. Still have months of work to get it done before Spring).


  1. I actually have a few Braves for you that I forgot I had. Discovered them the other day. That'll be on the next shipment.

  2. My first exposure to Laughlin's were the Fleer stickers. They're cool... but these are even cooler.

  3. The bottom two Laughlin's are really cool, especially the Antonelli.