Thursday, January 27, 2022

Coast to coast (sort of)

 Just a quick little post tonight, still getting things settled here with my uncle.

I got a package from Mark (San Jose Fuji) with mainly Braves. There were a few cards I was able to find a set build need with, but I scanned the Braves that I needed.

Mark was able to hit my Braves needs 9 times including the 4 autographs. Can't believe that I didn't Have that McGriff Platinum Studio card. Mark hits a good spot with that shiny Pache too. I hope this kid works out for Atlanta. Thanks Mark I appreciate the hits.

Quick note on my uncle, get this. They gave him a sleeping pill at discharge (a no no all by itself), hmm. I wonder if they thought that would knock him out so he couldn't tell me everything, but he did. It took a few hours for that no no pill to kick in. He told me everything. I really should sue, but more on all of that later.....much later. 


  1. Good stuff, but that's what you expect from Fuji! Love the Horner.

  2. Furcal! Haven't thought of him in years.

  3. Sad to hear your uncle wasn't treated well at the hospital. Hope he's feeling better now that he's home.

    1. They nearly killed him, literally. Its been rough, at nearly 99 he may not have much left to recover from what they did. Today was better than yesterday, I'm hoping tomorrow is even better than today. It's going to take time I just pray he hangs in to recoup. I am worried.