Friday, January 7, 2022

1974 Kellogg's

 Yep, 1974 Kellogg's.  

All of these are curled and many if not most have some cracks. None are super bad. I just don't like cracks on my Kellogg's.

I grabbed this near set off of Ebay recently.

It worked out as these combined with the ones I already owned gets me real close to finishing this set.

I am needs these: 3 (joe coleman), 6 (jim palmer), 7 (santo) cubs on back, 9 (luzinski), 10 (bell) runs 134,

34 (wood) 959 k's, 46 (blylevin).

Normally I don't want any cracks, and I didn't know any of these did, the description said light curl. HA, it was big time curl. So, overall I'm not too pleased. I do have some doubles from this lot that are not going into my PC binders (7).


  1. I bought a 1974 Kellogg's set a few years ago for $50, but it has a few cards with cracks. I thought about going and replacing them... then the pandemic hit and priorities shifted. Maybe one day I'll go back and replace the cracked cards.

  2. Couldn't you have returned them? For what it's worth though, the nice ones do look really nice.