Sunday, January 16, 2022

Happy MLK Day.

 Remember the man and his dream. We did reach that. I can't lay my hands on any cards I have of his, must be back home. Be nice to one another. Be happy, make lemonade, glass is half full (unless it's Mt. Dew.....then you need to refill it).

As for cards I have finished going through those 25K cards. Sorted them (the first sort). I scanned some of the first batch (the nickel cards and the 3 little penny box cards. Braves from those too. Hot rookies too. I'll give you a taste tonight. As for the other 7 monster boxes I may only show some PC guys and of course my Braves that I needed. That will still take forever. Heading home for the card show Saturday. Fingers crossed I find some great vintage deals.

Tonight's Braves come from the "nickel" cards. All needs.

Maybe not any of these, well maybe the Panini Riley.

I'll be back tomorrow with the "penny" Braves.


  1. Props to Hank for hitting 100 homers.

  2. All excellent nickel cards - that Heritage Hank Aaron! - & I can't wait to see the penny cards!

  3. Crazy nickel cards. Love that Freeman refractor!

  4. I can't speak to the prices for most of the cards here, but a couple in that first group seem like they would've been a really good deal for a nickel.

  5. Very nice. Lots of shiny cards!