Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wacky Wednesday Variations series 4

Almost half way through the released so far Variations series. Thus far, there have been 9 series plus a Bonus series  (came out after series 4). I believe this year will see 3 more variation sets. I could only HOPE that those would be 27 cards each instead of the normal 9 card sets. I guess one would have to call the "combined aggregate" of the series the "SET". Enough rambling, let's peek at this week's series.

The puzzle.  Nice artwork. But where's the trigger?

The checklist and wrapper.

Absolutely I have no comment (besides this one). Nope uh-ah , not a word!

Looks more perky than mushy.  I'm just saying.

I see a tushie.

Next week I think I'll pop the Bonus series in.


  1. That Girl-ar-dee sticker is quite a bit different than the vintage Wacky Girl-ar-dee sticker.

    Love the Flunk sticker.

  2. PRELL! Nuts. My grandmother used it.

  3. These are so awesome! I'd love to turn a few of these into t-shirts.