Monday, February 17, 2020

Big Fun Game Sign up

This is the sign up for this Friday's Big Fun Game. This sign up is limited to TEN (10) people that will be split into two groups. Prizes will be revealed/posted on the blog after their number has been picked.

 Simple rules:

1) Must be a follower of this blog.
2) One steal per person.
3) Two steals per item max.
4) No passes.
5) Pick a number or steal on your turn which I will post the order Friday night and that startes the game.
6) Player 1 gets an opportunity to steal should they desire.


  1. I’m in. Thanks for having this.

  2. I'm in. Woo, I was traveling and didn't think I'd make it!

  3. i can't count to ten... have fun!!!

    1. how about player 11 (me) steals everything???

    2. Julie the 10 above play in February. The beginning of March will have a new sign up for 20 people to cover the month.

    3. oh I understand the rules. I was just gonna steal... ;)

  4. I'm always late to the party... but I'm still excited to watch the BFG.