Saturday, February 15, 2020

What a week.

I'm telling ya, 80 degrees all week then wham freezing temps for a today. Well, it's been like this for a few weeks now. Low 30's for a couple of days then high 70's and 80/81 for a few days then cold again. I no likey the cold. Give me back my 80.

Okay now to some cards. These cards came via Brian over at HSCA on his first Free Friday.

Yelich is a PC guy and I wanted that yellow Walgreen's card.

Brian threw in a green parallel Acuna as well, but the REAL highlight was......

this beautiful crisp 1974 Braves pocket schedule. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! It is now my oldest sked. It is also the closest to mint condition one I own too.  Thanks Brian. While were talking about Brian, one of his mini collections is Trophy Cups.

Cups are one of my "mini's" too.  These are the six Cup cards released in series 1.

Bubble gum cards are a mini of mine too, and this is the only one that I found in the set.

Have a great weekend boys and girls. I'm driving down to Ocala to grab some cards and straight back.


  1. Awesome, I am glad you didn't have that one already! You always over deliver on your trades, I thought I would try to return the favor!

  2. That Braves schedule is fantastic!

  3. They definitely don't make pocket schedules like that anymore!

  4. Wow. Some extreme temperature shifts. Low 30's or high 70's/low 80's. Tough choice, but I'll go with the low 30's. I can deal with low 70's, but high 70's I begin to sweat.

    P.S. Sweet pocket schedule!