Saturday, February 8, 2020

Finished another one.

Good morning everybody!

I finished my 2019 Braves Gallery set. I needed 1 base card (1-150) and 1 SP.

I didn't go out and purchase the last two Braves cards I needed. No, I bought a base set + 10 SPs.

The Chipper is an SP. I sent the seller a message with my payment stating the only SP I needed was the Chipper and that he need not send the other SP's. He sent the Chipper and the 10 inserts at the top plus a half dozen Acuna inserts from various 2019 sets.  I paid 34.95 delivered which is half of  a Mega box of the stuff, and I was able to use the other base (1-150) for my PC's. When it was all said and done, only 8-10 cards left over due to throwing a few in "other" people's stacks.  That definitely works for me.


  1. I've been buying completed sets on eBay too. It just seems way more cost effective compared to busting blasters. But that's just my style. I'm okay with missing out on the hits and low #'d parallels.

  2. Go Johnny, go! Johnny did good! These cards can be great, or awful. Donaldson is great!