Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day all and Big Fun Game news!

Let's throw out some cards to start with.

These three athletes celebrate(d) their birthday on Valentine's Day.  I have plenty more back home, and as you know one of my collecting goals for this year is to put some organization into my "mini" collections. This includes my "Holiday" binder. I will be getting them all listed in excel, placed in a binder, and ultimately have them scanned. Well......that is the plan.

Now on to the Big Fun Game news. I have decided that not only am I going to do it, but it will be a running them for the rest of the year and possibly 3, 4, or more years to come.

I will be calling it "Big Fun Friday".  If all goes well as I believe it will, each Friday will start a new "short" game. Yes, I said that. I already have the enough "prizes" already put together to get us into mid summer.

THE LAYOUT: Every month I will call out (POST) for a SIGN UP (the number of names will be based on how many Friday's are in the month). Because we will only 2 more Fridays left this month. The first sign up will be restricted to the first TEN people. I will randomize those names to see if they are playing in Game 1 or Game 2. Each game will have just five players.

Each item can be stolen no more than twice, each person can only steal once, and there are NO passes. The only other rule would be to be a follower of this blog to play.

The prizes as always remain undisclosed until they are chosen (pick a number 1-5). I will post the order of players every Friday night (which starts the game) with any luck the game will be over that night, if not surely over the weekend. Player one will get a second play if necessary (they may want to steal a prize and should get that opportunity as did the other 4 players).

Followers can sign up each month (player limits will be posted each SIGN UP (March-Dec 20-25 people). That means you can play every month and that is okay!  There are 3 more 5 game months left this year and next year offers us 5 of them.

PRIZES ARE VARIED BUT CONSISTENT.  I am hoping by doing the prizes as I have planned will encourage trading among the players....... What does this mean..... well let's just say I've broken a few short sets into portions throughout the year! HAHAHAHA.....see I'm already having fun.

Prizes will include baseball cards (old and new) of course, damn vintage football cards, non sports, stickers, oddballs, etc....

HEADS UP.....THE FIRST SIGN UP IS MONDAY NIGHT! It happens to be a dual post day so pay attention!


  1. Thanks - looking forward to it!

  2. Sounds really interesting--can't wait.

  3. Sounds like fun I'm in love games and for my "Short Game" it's not good We are talking Golf right.....

    1. As far as golf goes, (it's been over 7 years since I've played), but my long game and short games both sucked. But, put a putter in my hand and your in trouble. I've been known to put from 50 yards out in the fairway. No chipping for me.

  4. I'll do my best to pay attention but I'm usually a couple days behind in my reading assignments. Have fun!! :)