Monday, February 10, 2020


Yummy in the tummy. Hostess snack cakes.

I seriously want to complete ALL of the Hostess sets, but not so serious that I actually focus too much on the vintage ones. They can get pricey, especially in VG or better condition. Heck I haven't really focused on the modern set either. That is until now. Here is the layout of what I have and need.

1975: I have 5 cards.
1976: I have 36 cards (and 2 of them def. need replaced).
1977: This one is tough because of the "TWINKIES" version and if cut wrong I can't tell the difference. Either way I have about 25.
1978: I NEED 77 cards, almost half complete.
1979: I have 17 cards.

I have complete the 1985 Braves set.
I have completed the 87 mini sticker set (showed this past week)
I NEED just 1 more card for the 1988 MSA Disc set (Canadian) See below.

And these.

I now need just 3 more to complete the 1993 set:    6, 17, and 27. (those are now en-route).

This is the 1988 disc set. they came two together (these are all separated) 1 Expo and 1 Blue Jay .

I need Ernie Whitt #16 to complete it.

That's a wrap (in celaphane....yes a pun).


  1. I've not seen the disc set! As much as I love food issues, I'm happy these can't be found on ding dongs today.

  2. I was at the grocery store today and was thinking about picking up some Hostess Zingers... but ended up setting them back down. If they had cards on the box like the 70's, I would have definitely bought them.