Monday, February 24, 2020

Busting out

On my last trip back home I grabbed a bunch more boxes of cards. I finished breaking up the former Franken-Set " Jersey Numbers. I also went through a half dozen boxes of "potential PCers".

I found a few goodies in there.

Those are from the Potential boxes, and all of those cards are guys that have been added to the PC. I will highlight those below.

Just look at them rookies.

Lots of Verdugo.


I'll post up the cards I pulled from the Jersey Numbers tomorrow.  Definitely found some goodies there too.


  1. How many PC's are you up to now?

  2. There are 550 players plus all of the players inside the Birthday binders, so probably well over 1000.

    1. 550 PC's? Wowza. That's gotta be a record. If you sat down with a pad and paper... how many of the guys do you think you could actually list out off the top of your head?

      P.S. Buehler has a great looking Topps rookie card!

    2. Most of them. It's predominantly the HOFers, and the should or could have been HOFers, plus todays stars. Got your package today, thanks.

    3. Plus the apx. 500 birthday guys, now that is where I would have a problem.