Monday, February 17, 2020

Happy President's Day

This is a very long post, scan wise. I have a lot of Cards of Presidents. Before I start them, the Big Fun Sign up will be a separate post immediately following this one.

Back to the President cards, all kinds some newer some vintage. Some interesting and some not.

Did you notice that there were no Queens or Aces?

Bicycle saved the Queens for some First Ladies.

Saved the Aces for some iconic images.

Let's not forget about the Jokers. This deck was produced in 2015.

An incomplete set, but at least I am over the half way point.

Now for a complete set that I got from Mark (Fuji).

One spot left there again this set was produced in 2015.  Maybe Gavin can drum up a card for our 45th President to fill in that gap.

I just showed this card that I picked up earlier this year.

Boy I cropped these poorly.

That 2012 is actually a sweepstakes card.

Now on to a set that (incomplete) has been reprinted a couple of times, and my cards are from one of those reprints.

Another partial set. You see I don't go looking for Presidential cards, but when I find them in a dime box.

and another.....

and another.....

Finally a couple of related items.

Have a great week!


  1. That's quite a Presidential collection...impressive! You ever seen/heard about these General Milla President cards?...

    1. I haven't a clue about any particular sets, other than the ones I find in the dime boxes. BTW,

      I have another 88 scans that I didn't show tonight, lol.

  2. This reminds me that I had a Zachary Taylor card when I was a kid. I looked online but didn't see anything that rang a bell.
    When looking it up I saw that there was a ballplayer named Zachary Taylor which could fit into your minicollection

  3. Cool Post. I like the series of "Politicards" a card deck that was first produced in the early 1970s for the 1972 Election run. These cards have caricatures of the current political figures. To the best of my knowledge (and my collection) they have produced these cards every 4 years for election years. I haven't seen if there is a 2020 set yet. Sometime during the 80s or 90s they started producing 2 variations a blue set and a red set. Both decks are the same except for the background color on the back of the deck is either red or blue.

  4. Dang. That's a legit Presidents PC. I had forgot about a lot of these cards and it was the first time I saw one or two of them.