Friday, February 7, 2020

2019 Topps 52 card Baseball (game)

Faired the storm okay. Lost about a dozen shingles, and lost some fence boards otherwise great.

I picked this boxed set up. This is just the second time I have purchased directly from Topps.

The rules.

The base checklist.

The INCORRECT Variation checklist.

This is apparently the correct Variations checklist.

Variations Set Checklist

26 cards. 2 per set or 5 per booster pack.
V-A Sandy Koufax
V-A Hank Aaron
V-K Ken Griffey Jr.
V-K Justin Verlander
V-Q Tony Gwynn
V-Q Frank Thomas
V-J Reggie Jackson
V-J Mike Piazza
V-10 Chipper Jones
V-10 Shohei Ohtani
V-9 Ted Williams
V-9 Nolan Arenado
V-8 Cal Ripken Jr.
V-8 Kris Bryant
V-7 Craig Biggio
V-7 Mookie Betts
V-6 Stan Musial
V-6 Manny Machado
V-5 Johnny Bench
V-5 Paul Goldschmidt
V-4 Duke Snider
V-4 Charlie Blackmon
V-3 Babe Ruth
V-3 Gleyber Torres
V-2 Andrelton Simmons
V-2 Keston Hiura

Now this I borrowed from cardboardconnection and it aligns with the variation cards I got.

Yes, I got 3 variants whereas you're supposed to get 2. I'll take it (but man would that Aaron and Chipper been PERFECT).

Your playing mat. And now for the rest (the 52 card set).

Long story short, this game can be played with a regular deck of cards. It had Braves in it so I needed it, dang it. I still need/want the two variations so if anyone out there has them.............


  1. I honestly forgot Topps released this set. This is really the first I have seen it up close. Not bad!

  2. I shall wait until these trickle into the usual online buying sites.

    1. I put a couple in the Dodgers pile. It's getting to about 8" tall now, I better start splitting it up soon.

  3. I bought a set of these... along with some booster packs in hopes of building a complete set. If I pull an extra Aaron or Chipper, they're yours.

    1. Sweet. The boxed set is complete, then you get two (I got 3) variations which is where Aaron and Chipper sit. I have no clue how the boosters come.

  4. Aces = pitchers ?? No Jokers? These are neat. I missed the offering but then, I miss most of them.