Thursday, May 30, 2019


Back to some more nickel cards. Soon, I'll show the quarter box cards that wound up costing a lot less (.08). BTW, the 100 degree streak is over.

Shiny HOFers.

More nice black & white pics.

Who would've thought that Arod card for a nickel.

More modern day.

I love .05 Stadium club cards. Take those all day everyday.

Including the legends at a nickel a piece.


  1. Stanton looks mean in that Stadium Club!

  2. What an amazing nickel box! That Mays alone would totally make my day!

  3. Glad the heat wave is over! It's crazy to see so many inserts selling for just a nickel. Hopes Topps sees this post and decides to slow down on the overproduction of them. It'd be nice to go back to the days when you only pulled two or three inserts out of a box, instead of two or three per pack.

    1. Technically is was "dime" box, but I bought 1600, so I got them for a nickel (plus 2 new 800 ct boxes). Still, Topps should take notice. No more than 3 insert per brand, and limit them to 10-25 cards each and no more than 1 parallel (I'd rather not any). That would be good.