Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Trade Post

Fourth day in a row with the temp (without the index) at 100 degrees.

I already owe CommishBob for a couple of Eddie Mathews cards. Low and behold Bob dropped some 1960 Leaf on me this past week. I'm not going to the Jacksonville card show this Saturday, but I am going to try and make the Tampa show mid month. I have the Commish's want list printed so I hope I can find something for a return.

Thanks Bob, I needed all of them.

Have a great night!


  1. Whoa! That was some package!

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  3. Oh man, I messed up that comment. LOL...but bottom line...don't worry about owing me anything. Those were dupes I bought by mistake at the Dallas show (long story). I'm just happy to get them to someone collecting the set who needed them.

  4. 100 degrees. Oh man... it's too early in the year for triple digits. Stay cool.

    P.S. I feel like I just commented this last week... but Whitey looks so young. I'm so used to seeing him on 80's baseball cards when he was in his 50's.