Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

5th straight day at 100. We cool off a little tomorrow (I think).

Three more candidates are bidding for our Hump Day Hero.  (I just made that up). Although, it wouldn't be a bad idea for a weekly poll (someone else can do) like the one Nick over at dimeboxadonia does. BTW, looks like that one is going to come down to the wire with several great choices and 2 banging real hard against each other.

Up first:

We have a shameless plug for Quench gum all over this card. I remember when this gum came out as a kid. It was really sour, but I bought and chewed it anyways. I'm not much on the sour front. I like my lemonade SWEET.

I think I must have shown this one recently as I remember thinking this guy is checking out a girl across the way.

Scope down, dive....dive.....dive.....

There you have it folks.  If you had to choose ONE winner from these three which would it be? For me the wackier the better. I'd go with the first one as it brings back a stronger childhood memory for me, albeit the last one does make the sights of Gene Garber with his totally different approach to the submarine pitch.


  1. In terms of wackiness or just being different, I'd go with Rosario and his fancy camera... but my favorite of the three is the Neshek. Great looking card.

  2. They're all great cards. Some players seem to always have cool-looking cards, Neshek is one of those. The camera cards are always neat but they seem a lot more commonplace than they used to.

  3. Neshek has some great cards. I think Topps caters to him being a collector, which I am totally cool with. His unique motion helps as well.