Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Awhile back Mark (Fuji) held a contest for a set of Presidents cards. I was a winner. I've put those cards with my ongoing President's collection. Mark threw in some Braves for me as bonuses. I needed all of these.

Horizontal Chipper that wasn't even on my radar.

Like Mark himself, I love some parallel Braves cards especially when someone is sending them to me.

A camo parallel of Medlen.

Two more parallels, one refractor and one green refractor.

Wrapping it up with this Eddie Mathews. When all is said and done, I wasn't expecting these to come with the contest winnings. I am counting them as a blind trade. I will have to put something together for my west coast buddy.  Thanks Mark!


  1. Fuji like to serve ice cream with cake! gotta love it!

    1. Julie - I'll be sending you some cardboard cake and ice cream one of these days.

      Johnny - Sorry it took so long to send you those Presidents.

    2. No worries my friend, Family always takes priority. Thanks for the contest and the bonus Braves.