Thursday, May 16, 2019

This is Different

I promised another oddball post for today so here it is.

12 full size baseball cards/stamps. But you have to mail them from and within St. Vincent and the Grenadines though, lol.

 I remember picking up a set of this 10 years ago or there about. I think I paid maybe $3.00 for it. I thought it was cool. Not sure where that pack is now.

The front introduction card.  Again, these are standard size cards.

and the back of the intro card. You could mail away for another one of the set you have with this order form found inside the box for $36. LOL! Of course if you mailed a lot of stuff down there, then that would be okay as the stamps total $48.00.

Your first six players.

and the last 6 players. I picked up a bakers dozen at the show in Jacksonville. I paid $2.00 for all 13 sets. The vendor was the same guy that had the 1919 BlackSox cards.

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  1. That's so weird. My buddy with the Blacksox sets had these sets too. I wonder if both sets were part of some huge clearance sale or something.