Friday, May 24, 2019

What can you buy with $30.00?

Now I know there are millions of answers to the title question. However, it really wasn't a question per say. Just another way of titling look at what I got for the cost of a blaster. While I was at the Jacksonville card show earlier this month. I hit my buddy Daryl up on his relic/auto box.

On card certified auto of former Brave om Topps Gold Label.

This one is not for me. You know who this is for.... Tom e-mail me.

Justus on card.

Another Sims auto.

A Dansby relic.

Buehler goes into to my probable PC binder, at least for now.

Goldy mini framed relic.

Why not add a HOfer relic with this rod Carew

A dual relic with this HOFer Brave. Tom Glavine.

And closing out with Mo. Nice stripe going through this one.

Have a great weekend folks.


  1. Love that Carew! That Goldy framed A&G relic is sweet too.

  2. Tools of the Trade was always a fun relic set.

  3. Sorry I didn't see the Vogey auto sooner. It's been a busy time at Waiting 'til Next Year Headquarters. I have that one already, but I'm up for a trade if you're still interested. Or you can hold on to it until he is voted to the All-Star team and then cash in! (Only somewhat joking.) Let me know! mrcoach00 at yahoo dot com

    1. no biggie, it's a baseball card. so it'll will be fine with the other bb autos.