Friday, May 10, 2019

1919 Black Sox

Here is the the first post of the odd items I picked up last Saturday.

No, not an empty box of a 30ish year old unauthorized set. The box was full. Here is the current Larry Fritsch "sale" on this set.

Larry Fritsch sale

Yeah, That's a hard one to take serious. This is a 26 card set with the extra Joe Jackson in red.

This is what the backs look like on the cards with a border, the rest are blank.

A lot of great names there, after all they did make it to the World Series. Several PC guys for me.

Here is a comparison shot next to a standard baseball card, slightly smaller.

Now, for those who peeked at the LF card sale from the link above, I picked up up 59 of these sets last Saturday. It would have been 60 but 1 of the boxes was empty. That is a whole box (48 sets) plus 12 extra (boxes). Yeah I paid $5.00 for them all (less than a dime a set). Here is an Ebay current listing for a box of 48.


Be safe this weekend.


  1. I think that qualifies as a candidate for "Blogger Find of the Year"!

    1. nah, pretty sure they're only worth a buck (at least in my opinion).

  2. They're not worth that much but still quite cool.

  3. I actually have two of these sets. I bought one on my own and then received one as a gift from a friend a couple years later. Works out well: one gets divvied up into my binders, while I'm able to keep the other in the box and intact.

  4. They may not be worth much, but those are cool cards

  5. From what little I know it sounds as if shoeless Joe was innocent but is being punished anyway.

  6. My buddy had a bunch of these a few years ago, so I grabbed a few. They might not be worth $30/set or $229/box... but they're definitely worth more than the five dollars you paid. Nice find buddy!