Thursday, May 23, 2019

Nickel cards

Here's another nickel card post.

Who wouldn't grab Gold Label cards for .05? 

I never noticed how you can tell how the players photos stand out like they've been "placed" on a different background.  Well, until now anyways.

Lots and lots of PC guys. Shame it will be another year plus before I know if I actually need these. But, at nickel a piece I'll be all right.

Super shiny for .05 too.

I don't blame me at all for just grabbing these guys up.

I'll do another "off" post tomorrow. I picked up some relic/autos at a really good price. I of them wasn't for me either. Let us see if we can figure that out.


  1. As much as I enjoy seeing 5¢ steals... I'm much more interested in checking out these relics and autographs you picked up.

  2. I would have loved those for a nickel.

  3. I always loved Gold Label with the big team logos in the back.

  4. Love that "super shiny" selection, especially those Z-Team's!