Friday, May 3, 2019


Maybe even a double or triple Oops, you can decide.

The other day a trading bud from OCT send me a PWE. It had one of those Heritage box topper triple cards inside. I don't send those out that way. I do do PWE with single cards inside a cut 9 pocket (down to a 3 pocket) page. I do that so that if and when the cards are put the the "machine" which is basically a roller they move with the roller instead of against and it works like a charm. Those box Toppers though are not flexible if you know what I mean.

That would be Oops #1. It is hard to see the multiple damages in the scan. One is easy but the other two a little hard. The card is all kinds of wavy now with two deep large creases. I immediately threw the card in the trash. You see, I don't collect any of these players or teams. No mini collection there either. That would probably be Oops #2 (sending cards clearly I do not collect). But it's okay as today I got 2 more PWE's containing 3 nice needed Braves cards, more on those in another post.

Nope, don't need this guy, and you can kind of see the bottom of the crease in the right corner. It goes all the way up at an angle to the left.

Card two shows the top damage easily, the crease from the bottom left corner going up and to the right is hard to see. I see it because I know where it is almost runs with the bat.

Card three is okay, but still nobody I collect. If it was a player I collected I could cut it out.

Oops three comes from Topps. Why print the back of card of a player who is not on the front?

Now I have officially drawn on my first baseball card.

That is where the creases are. I have returned this card to the trash. It was intentional so not another Oops.


  1. Bummer. Maybe the guy thought you'd want it for the rookie trophy.

  2. Interesting. I wonder if they all of the strips have some random guy on the card back. Very weird.