Tuesday, May 14, 2019

More nickel cards

Picking up where I left off yesterday. Also, cards are in no particular order. Well maybe the last scan is.

Overall I grabbed 1,000 cards for the PC.

I know I probably didn't need all of them. I see the dupe Nomar right there, and there were a bunch of others that I did catch before scanning (100ish). I knew I was grabbing dupes when I was pulling them, I just didn't care. Some (200ish) were for set build needs and those I did not scan.

Frank Thomas and Mike Piazza 2007 Topps Red Backs for a nickel. There will be more of those later on.

Donruss (Studio) looks so GOOD with Logos. 

Have a great night. I'll do another odd ball post on Thursday.


  1. Are those six Upper Decks from Sweet Spot? I've never seen these. Nickel box hauls are divine!

  2. 2007 Topps red backs? Looking forward to reading more about these. Were they rare parallels or something?

    1. Not rare. They came 2 per pack, 10 per jumbo pack. The 1st Edition parallels were the rare parallels at 1 per hobby box unless you count the platinum parallel numbered 1/1, and the copper numbered to 56.

  3. That Jackie Robinson card is awesome! What a great photo that was used!